Sunday, December 24, 2017

On Going To Thrift Stores.

 On Going to Thrift Stores

Sometimes I go to thrift stores and browse through
The cheap-ass books that they have there,
From Stephen King’s “Misery,” to Ernest Hemingway.
I have found books at thrift stores are much cheaper
There than any other place, unless you buy them used
Online, or at a library book sale, and sometimes,
Used library books are good, too. 

I remember I used to wander
Around the library during a library book sale,
Looking for the perfect book-perhaps Shel Silverstein,
Perhaps Madeline L’Engle, which I preferred in those
Days when I was a child.
After I bought the books, I carried them
Home proudly, holding them up high as if they were some
Sort of medal of honor.  They were medal of honors for me. 
I cherish each book
As if it is worth more than gold, and usually it is,
Because each word is like a single drop of knowledge in
This ever-expanding universe that is constantly filled
With energy. 

My love of books grew and I grew with it.

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