Monday, May 22, 2017

Moving Back to the Sawdust.

Moving Back To the Sawdust

The sawdust was left on the dusty floor.
She couldn’t see the side of his face-
It was scarred, just as it used to be.
The room was dusty.  Her mother wanted
To clean it-she was desperate, then.  She still was.
Everything cost too much money-they never seemed
To have any.

They lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere.
Their father was dead.  A horse had fallen on him.
She was a waitress at a diner in town.  Her boy
Was a college student trying desperately to get out
Of small town life, his major was biology.

He didn’t like to dissect the animals-he was a vegan
By nature, since he was six.  His favorite was cottage

Once, he met a girl and fell in love-and they decided
To move out of small town life.  They left the mother,
They left the ranch, they left the sawdust that seemed
To be eternal.  

Everything seemed to be eternal but their love,

And one day they had a baby and had to move back.

A Love That's Ours.

 The night is gone, and I am cold,
This tender love is blank and old.
I am burdened by these lovely flowers,
And waste away these tender hours.

Words are burdened by the man,
As tender lovely voices stand,
Everything is full of rain,
But my love, is just too vain.

Take my heart, but do not part,
These lovely words are full of heart-
My eyes are bright and full of sight,
Let’s go out and dance tonight.

Dance among the swirling stars,
Dance among the world that’s ours.
Dream of times that sleep with thee,
As we hold each other tenderly.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Left To Wonder.

Ode to the wandering webs we weave,
where bitterness is what deceives-
the crying is best left in shame,
and the darkness is not to blame.

The land is like a forgotten morning,
and the wind is forever moaning.
The seed of temptation is not few,
when yesterdays are gone with dew.

I try to walk upon the mile,
where my belov'd has temptation's smile.
I cannot remember where I left,
when you have gone alone one day.

In the autumn of this coming May,
the sun will shine on eves of gray-
ode to the love that comes today,
the death is gone and will not stay.

Snow!  How you fall upon my face,
washing away a bitter place-
the sun comes from far away,
and so we're gone, and will not stay.

The Wizard.

The days go on and on.
It is like they don't stop for anything.
I can't relate to this shattered place.  The roads are paved.

I see the wizard walking-his arms are outstretched.  His magic
is like a woman's cry.  He says to me, "What do you say,"
in the most forgotten times.  The sun is rising in the west,

I see the roads ahead of me.  I am a wary traveler.  The song
is forgotten in my mind.  I do not hear.  I have not wept.
The roads are gone.  The wizard spreads his arm and flies

like the phoenix towards the sun.  A rainbow appears in the sky.
It is like the wind is sighing.  The devil's hand has left me.
I am crying in my wake.

Heart To Heart.

I take to heart when days will part,
and all the years are wanted yet-
everything is firmament,
and everything is heart to heart.

I walk upon the dewy shore,
and hearten'd at the tides of yore,
when nothing is once as it was before,
the light is light and billowing.

Some people go and then they come,
and wars are fought and then are won,
everything is just like morn,
rosy like the bosom's corn.

The Duke has gone outside his door,
to see the forgotten shores of yore,
and here where the Poet has kept,
his lover is gone and has wept.

Read thy lovely burrowing,
and the snow has become begone in spring-
the flowers are moving and they sing,
tears are shed and hearts will sting.