Saturday, August 16, 2014


The sun shines down on me like rain.
I feel the beat of your heart next to mine.
Shadows fold like daffodils.
My heart is ready inside my chest.
Everything is for the best.
Let’s see your heart-at the hospital,
You are getting ready for chemotherapy.
I have found that I like to write words
Of poetry on my lawn.  I sense the coming
Dawn.  It rises in the west and settles in the east
And I don’t have any other idea to meet with you
Than to meet with you at a coffee house.
Where are you?  I can’t find you in the dark.
It is quiet here.  Our lives are quiet.  I am quiet.
Everything is quiet and more than the same
Than yesterday.  So many people.  Not enough
Time to talk to you.  I wish I could talk to you.
My tongue hangs from my mouth like a panting dog.
I am here.  I am not far.  Don’t worry, don’t worry