Friday, July 12, 2019

we are growing...............................................

we are growing

All the ways I found myself
looking at the abyss
that which is the knight
full of light
and life

and yesterday's days
into the night that
is bright
and misery's praise
full of sorrow
and again
we are home
I found myself alone
yesterday's home

like bright as
light in a dark room
full of misery and gloom
like a shadow



The water carries me like a little
bit of a dragon

calm in its wake
like a little bit of night
that is liquid and shimmery
like a shimmery night

in the dark
I am alone
I am not the only one
who is tempted
to take the stone

and throw it in the water
that is also like a willow
that grows in the garden
in the garden where I live.

I am the sister and friend
to water
I am all water
I am the water of good
I am the water of wise
I am tempted
I am not fending

Water goes down in my mind
like the mind that is there
it is my sister
it is my brother
I am not tempted

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

i want to talk to you the essence of the moon.

I want to talk to you one on one
about my moon problem
that seems to be heaven's problem
as well
like a flight in fright
like dracula's mammoth sized
moonbeam based in a jar

she is shadowed based on yesterday's
that didn't know what it was dipped
in tomorrow as in today
and today as in tomorrow

following fast along the way
we bend and break
like moonbeam's that wans
and waxes

saturday's purse
fallen onto the head of things
like yesterday's strife we

don't know what's best of us
or what's least of us saturday
is more than today

Thursday, July 04, 2019



The essence of the self
is to know more than what one
will know
far away like a dream
nothing glows like what it seems

the fireworks of early dawn
encompasses itself
like a morning glow
into ecstasy
a new dawn

falls like shadows in
the midst of it all
nothing comes without
all of us falling into
sorrows of doubt

in it we will not find out
the other thing that doesn't
stand out in the middle of

into the neverending
you don't know how long
live or
even die in the neverending
veil of life

tonight is the night
is imminent

Monday, July 01, 2019



The snow egret is large
as a mountain in the summer
against the powdery blue sky

just yesterday I said to myself
I wish I was a bird and I could fly
anywhere through the clouds

that mend and mold my future
any day of the month it can turn

fresh and sour and I don't know what to
do with myself because everything seems
and sounds too complex

and complicated
and everything that works

Tuesday, June 25, 2019



We have been programmed to hate
the mailman the minorities
even the people who wear jeans
and have flowers in their ears

I don't know why we hate
everything or don't know much
about history
but it's still staring at you

the way a man stares at his
beautiful wife
ignorant of life as it

passes you by
ignorant of anything you
chose not to see

like when someone loves
you we don't know why
and when someone hates you

everyone tells you everything
about the hate and when and why
love isn't catching it is like dandelion

fluff that catches on the breeze
and sometimes you don't know anything
about the people who love you

but you wish you did.
Because that's what makes the world

go round not cars or even the depths
of space
which is dark and round as your heart.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


The alien forgot where he was and wondered down a path that was lit with white noise and he didn't understand where to turn and where to go this is planet you know something that moves around the sun and doesn't fade forever we remain in this slumber like the hands of time rocking outside your eyes the night comes from dew and within everything is broken and the same.

Sunday, May 26, 2019



Shadows fade on the stone.
Just like yesterday when life is
a token of things I couldn't find
in greed and redemption
just like losing yourself and losing

and what it's worth
I never knew anything
but the sad and broken lies
full of shattered things
and broken wings

like a mirrored image of
I wallow in self-pity
in the night of the light
I am not the worry-filled
terribly burdened by my
will alone
into the heart that's where
you met

I can't find reason to end this
you and of me
and bitter and alone
I can't forage through
the darkness
when night is bent on time

and so are the you and I
and I gave myself a light
to see by
but nothing is more worrisome
than despair

and the hate that surrounds me
the you and I
in talk in code
and you're no longer there
but I am
and you're here