Wednesday, April 18, 2018



The ocean is a sea of blue
Stars that sits and waits
For someone to swim
In it
Then when they do
The water rolls
And thunders
And the sky seems
To melt into it
Like molten lava
The ocean is whatever
You want it to be
But only when the
Waves recede. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

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Monday, April 09, 2018

A Synopsis for my novel............

by Apryl Fox
            This novel takes place in the year 2145 and is about Brook, an average human who goes to work and comes home to a lonesome apartment only to be whisked to Atlantis by an extraordinarily handsome shapeshifter who just so happens to hold the key to saving both Atlantis-and the home in which his woman is from. 
            The shapeshifter’s name is Raul, but that was not the first being Brook has met before.  She met her first shapeshifter while in South Africa with her best friend, Darin, whose she’s had a tumultuous relationship with ever since the beginning.  She’s had her ups and downs with him but when he asked her to come on a free vacation with him to South Africa, she had to say yes-which was where the entire story of the shapeshifter saga begins.
            While returning home to the United States, Brook encounters a shapeshifter loitering outside her apartment and instead of calling the police, she calls the only person she trusts-Darin.
Before anything can be done about the shapeshifter, however, a mysterious pendant whisks Brook and the shapeshifter to a mystical dimension called Atlantis, which is exactly the replica of Atlantis if it were to exist today.
            There, she finds herself in a virtual reality tank that shows her the end of Atlantis, and Raul, who she has a close connection with, has to search for the legendary Elder known as Will to confirm his suspicions that it was indeed a vision and not something else hidden in her brain or the virtual tank itself.  But what she hasn’t counted on when she returns to Earth is that Darin has done whatever he can to find her, including alerting the military about her shapeshifter friends, who are now being rounded up and killed by the millions.  She blames herself, and instead of encountering Darin on his decision, she runs away from them both in order to save Atlantis, the shapeshifter world, and Earth, from complete and utter destruction.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Like Stars.

Like Stars

Bitterness of the night
Lit like stars
Shadows of my eyes
Fallen from afar
I dream of a place where I
Can dance on the water
Skate like a water bug
Flashing quick as lightning
Bouncing from one moonlit
Night to the next
Wishing for a place
A place of peace
Where I can dance
And wait for my prince.
This place is here
Where I am
Where I stand
On a moonlit night
Wading in the water like
A water bug
Zipping back and forth
My eyes bouncing like

Friday, April 06, 2018

Love Life.

Love Life

Some people say I’m fat
But I don’t call it that.
I call myself oblong
Or maybe perpendicular.
I don’t know what else to call
Myself because my mother
Named me.
She did so, I’m not lyin,’
It was about thirty-eight years ago,
When she was layin’ in that hospital
Room, lookin’ at them purple curtains
And thinkin’ of a name for me.
I don’t think I’m fat.
It’s just who I am.
I love my food.
I love my life.
It’s just who I am.

Same Size and a Squished Flower.

Same Size and a Squished Flower

Bouncing off the walls like
A jumping jack because I am so big
My body fills the entire house
Actually I am bigger than the house
I just like to pretend that the house
And I are the same size
So I won’t feel bad
You know people of bigger sizes
Have feelings too we don’t squish
Them like we squish other things
Like once I squished a flower because
I accidently stepped on it because I couldn’t
See my feet
And I looked down and low and behold!
There it was!
A squished flower
It made me feel bad because I like flowers
I even have one in my vase and it makes
Me feel good
Kinda like I have something to look forward
To look at each and every day
A flower something so delicate so precious
Like each and every person

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shadow Sky.

Shadow Sky

Writing with my head
Tilted to the sky
I long for the freedom
Of cuba
I long for the rejoice
Of a nation that has
Been setback
Because of
Hatred spewed
From bitter lungs
That triumph across broken
Pages of beaten down
Gum drops foreign
To domestic lies
And truths hidden
In the front page
For all
To see


Long Lasting

The foulness of the air
Is greatly seeking
Destiny from triumph
Last redemption
Moving temperament
Bombardment jordans
Shoes long lasting
I found you among all
That rubble
In the dampness you seek
Shattered tattered
Hope-filled love
Beauty seeks truth
I defy truth
No one listens.
Waters most foul.
Destiny is not there
For the taking.
Justice is movement
Incongruent justice.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I don't want to lose you, my love.

I don’t want to lose you,
My love.
You who wanders in my life
Like a fish on the sea.
You who are great in your
Vastness; who is missing
In my arms.
I don’t want to lose your light,
Or the tender way you hold me close;
Just like a tender thought,
Just like something that once
Held its breath.
The rhythm is in the waves
Of the sea.
The ocean mocks my sorrow;
For you are the only one I love,
Not the ocean.
The ocean and the sea are mocking.
I do not hold onto the night.
It is dead and gone.
Tenderly, I weep; like shadows
Thrown in sorrow.
I keep your heart near me.
It is the end to all things.
The beginning and the end,
Everything is near.
Frequently I wait for your decision,
Because I beg for your affection.
Oh bitterly I weep like a surrounding
Forest, the meadow has not fallen.
She thinks she knows me.
She does not know.
The light wanders in the night
Like a lone seal,
Thrown out to sea like a lamb.
I don’t want to lose what love
I have.