Thursday, September 05, 2019



Print is stuck forever in my mind.

It lacks on wind of chance and stormy days.
On the end of promise and poverty,

nothing is secret not the wind, not the wind,

not the rain that falls in sheets.
I found myself walking like a shadow born from pain,
in my heart and in my head. I am one with the wind.

While tending the lion, I ask myself do you know what
you're tending or who? What flock, what face in the mist?

Happiness glows and glows and glows
and I am standing here, waiting for the bus boy to reinquish me
of my stale food and old plates at a restaurant downtown.

Monday, September 02, 2019



I told myself I wouldn't dance at the wedding
because it would make me look like a goddamn
fool and usually it did because I wasn't always
kept up in appearance sometimes I dressed up
like a hobo to keep the other kids occupied

because I didn't know how to stand on my own
two feet and yesterday was gone just like that
and no more making people laugh but then a new day
was coming and I could make people laugh again
just like every day after that and then one time I

thought I saw a hippo waddling across the road on
my trip to Florida and it smiled at me and I thought
I heard it talk to me in my mind just like animals do
sometimes when they're trying to tell you something
that was rather important more so than necessary

or even quite extraordinary I thought to myself
maybe this wouldn't be such a bad gig after all
you know but maybe I could do a little better at it
and sometimes that's the only thing you need to do,
try harder next time.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


The light shone on the window glass.
Life is passing before my eyes.
I can't find myself listening to reason anymore.
I want to do what I want to do and what I

want to do alone.
My mom is knitting a sweater in the den.
It is getting colder outside.
It is autumn and it is time for baking pumpkin
bread and pumpkin cookies and making pumpkin

and time for Halloween and jack-o-lanterns and
everything in between.
I don't want Halloween to come.
I want to stay cooped inside though reading books
and watching television but meanwhile my life is
passing before me at each and every waking moment,
and I try and try to put it back together before it falls apart

like it always does, as it is falling apart now,
I am going one way and life is going another.
This is how it is going to be from now on.
This is how it will be every waking moment of my day.
Me going one way and the world going another.

It is getting colder outside and I am painting a picture
of autumn leaves falling,
and my mind is not on anything else.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


You Are

The clash between beasts is utterly complete.
She speaks to me through her words.
Time is like a transcending void.
I am utterly whole.
The foreign land glares in the distance,
we go by boat, not by shore.
In the rising sun we find different ways
to keep us from floating out to sea,
from the rising sun to the horrid moon,
to the day that breaks and bends,
I am here waiting for you, my love,
as the tide fades away.
You are the river that waits for me.
I am the course of the action in the void,
I am the darkness that seeks out darkness,
I am the wading of the tide.
Night hides from me. It is broken.
The seeds of the grapes have been bitter and weep;
I weep along with it.
Nothing comes short of darkness,
bitterness fades to gray.
I am the wholeness and the light,
the darkness does not take me,
nor will take me in the night.
You are whole with me.
You are the grape to my strawberry.

Saturday, August 24, 2019



I found myself looking
at the glow of the lights of
the city
and everything looked surreal
in the dark

like in every house there were people
living sleeping playing
in all hours of the moonlit night
shadows bounced on the leaves
of the trees because the wind was

and it ruffled my hair and I called

out to you in the depth of the night
but you didn't answer and refuse




Friday, August 23, 2019



The sand paper rushes against the slowly
turning vase on the pinwheel that doesn't
run as smoothly as I hoped and I looked outside
and the sky was a little wishy-washy and I felt
like I was at the top of the world.

The world had me by the heels and I couldn't shake
off the feeling that something wasn't right and I looked
in my fridge and there was no food there.
The cupboard was bare as well and I got on my coat
and went into the rain and walked down the street

several blocks to get a whole bunch of food to
eat for the next four days and my mind was not
on food at the moment but what I was going to create next
because creating is all I know even more than food.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I found myself
deep in a void

I can't get out
I can't refuse to breathe

like water receding

coming back in
the tide jumps

I am the rain
I flock like a flock of

they flock in meadows
made of pain.

In the summer I will flight

like a sheep that is in fight.

Airplanes run on runways
that are empty and void
I am void too.