Wednesday, January 17, 2018

All the People.

All the People

There are people walking fast on the sidewalk,
Quick as a flash of silver.
The needs of everyone vanishes in a hurry
As they go on
To their final destination.

Some of these people are portent,
Or just highly skilled workers.
Some of these people are bums,
Living off their parents or
Families money.

And then there are the homeless,
That have no place to go,
Who wander about aimlessly

In the night.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Fence Cat.

A Fence Cat.

There was a cat in Austria who sat on a fence
Every noon and night.  She was a calico cat
And had five toes.  She lived by herself.

The neighbors would often feed her tuna fish,
And leave the bowl out by the barn, for
The barn was a vacant place full of ghosts and

Old owls hooting in the roof.  Sometimes, bats
Lived there, but they were not large bats, they
Were fruit bats, and they liked to eat the tuna fish
Instead of the cat.  The cat pecked the ground
Like a chicken.  But there were no chickens,

They were moved or died out a long time ago.
There is no crime rate here, it is out in the country,
And the night comes on with a lonely sound that
Bends and whispers to its captors.  Sometimes shadows

Dance.  But nothing else moves.

Small, Poor Cities.

Small, Poor Cities

The spaces are large in apartment cities
Now.  Everything is spiraling downward.
There is a city within a city, and homeless
People are vast.  Cities are vast within
Themselves.  There are changes in the
City, that move the people, and the people
Are moved.  Everything is adjacent.  Someone
Is running a small button service.  Another person
Is filing for bankruptcy.  I think the homeless have it
Worse, because there is hunger and crime and
Frighteningly large pockets, so large that boats
Fall through them.  And then the timelessness
Exists, each and every day in the cities; some
Problems will never be solved.  But someone solves
A problem here and there for thousands of people,
And those are the ones who we should be grateful
For, and the calmness of it, and the grandness of it,
Exceed the ocean.  Because the ocean is vast and

It is calm.

Rigged Space.

Rigged Space

Shadows moving overhead,
Longing for a prince of peace.
Airplanes drop from rigged space.
Zooms of silence fail.
A doppelganger moves in the midst,
And I am waiting for my husband
At the laundry mat.  Suddenly
My cell phone screams at me,
And I am startled, awakened to doom.
I need to settle the score.
Someone has awakened my conscious.
The snow has stopped falling for five
Seconds flat; I saw it in a dream last night,
Along with my naked husband, throwing
Flowers on my warped grave.
Being dead is like being thrown from
An overpass, you never know which way you
Will flop.  The grass is greener over here,
But I didn’t know which way to go.
The darkness is like my only friend,
Telling me to go here or there.
I listen to the silence of my own thoughts,
And I wonder again why things are the way
They are, why the world is the way it is,
Why shadows march upon my blank


Monday, January 15, 2018

The Darkness of My Dreams.

The Darkness of My Dreams

I see the darkness of my dreams,
Strong and beautiful.  The sun glimmers
Down on me like a rising song.
Sometimes I feel the gentle arms of
The beast wrapping around me in a
Giant hug, and everything is safe.
The life is stronger than I know.
The secrets stay safe inside me,
And the darkness cannot reach me.
Sometimes, it tries to wreck its way
Inside me, and I am screaming,
Trying to claw away the evil thing
That threatens my safety.  The inner
Hatred is something unseen, far
Away in dreamland, I sleep.
Sometimes in the deep and the dark,
My life reawakens, and the flesh is
Scalding; words are torn from blood-drenched
Life reawakens and I am still.
Still as nothing.

The death of flesh inside my evil heart.

Why Time Is Still, But Moves.

Why Time Is Still, But Moves.

Destiny moves me and moves the world.
Light is an alliteration of greed.
Time is transcending.  Hope is all things
Good.  Hate is in the mind; it shatters
All reason.
Look at the reflection of promise,
As the new day fades.  We see the abuse
Of the flesh; the rules of the law.
Everything is in the hatred of the flesh.
The dying of the flesh, the newness of it.
Light exists in a sunflower.  Time is
Grand.  Love is a transcending thing that
Encompasses all hope.  Take out the wildflower,
Put it in a vase.  Knock out the reason
Beyond the time that descends.  Newness is
Nothing.  Nothing remains but time that
Moves like a clock.  As it comes forward,
The day is grander.  Hate begets hate;
Love spreads the wall of hate.  Time transcends
The willingness of the flesh.  This is the
Wallflower.  The abuser of power.
Where the inner eye waits, beauty calls.

Everything leans forward in transcending time.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Love Will Be Forever.

Times are changing,
Changing fast.
The broken wind mourns its last note.
All the rivers have been drained to
The ocean.
Life has not risen.
Forsakened of promises, the land is gone;
Driven by reason’s unknown.
The earth, the devilled earth, has been
My domain and nothing is shattered
Or remained.
I see his eyes, his face, in my dreams-
And they will last forever.
Forever will the winds rise,
Forever will the lands have mountains;
Forever death remains true.
But so in my dreams, I love him,
And in his eyes it holds the truth.
He is my friend, and our love will
Grow with the whole of the earth,

And everything in it will remain.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

To Befriend an Owl.

To Befriend an Owl

The owl is in the tree.
I have befriended the owl.
The owl means nothing to me.
It walks on the ground, strutting its
It hoots to a nearby robin and laughs
Its ass off.

It contemplates its dinner,
And goes downstairs to make it.
The challenge is to befriend the owl while
It is eating.

The eating is the pleasure.  It is the fruit
Of it all.
When we do not know what we are
Supposed to do,
It defines us.
The definition is simple.

The bird’s the word.

Saturday, January 06, 2018



Although the time is waning,
And the mood is less than found
My love will not fade or disappear.
I’ve found true love’s calling,
And the light on the windowpane;
A blackhole is now dawning,
And the light is getting dim.
My life is forever moving,
And the water is moving slower.
The night is a teardrop that goes
On and on forever.
Everything flows in the heightened
Sense of alienation,
And night comes forth, like a
Glittering reason.
Senses are heightened.
Mistakes have been made.
Destiny is not but a dream to
Come forth and realize things

A dream within a dream, she said.

City Lights In Winter.

City Lights In Winter.

The city lights glow over me
In the winter snow.  The night is
A calm medley of bitter cold.
In Boston, a river has gone over
The banks, causing it to freeze
In the streets, and some cars
Are stuck in the ice.  It is a quiet

Way to end the last day of your
Life, without anyone even knowing
That you are there.  Some people did,

Perhaps, but they are gone now,
And as the snow swirls downward
From the sky, the light grows dim

In your everlasting mind.
All is quiet.  The street has been
Flushed.  A life has been finished.

Over and over again, lives are finished.

Friday, January 05, 2018



Although the leaves are high, now,
And although the leaves may fall,
The rattling of the lion’s cage
Will overtake us all.

Even though the beetle is scurrying,
Hurrying too and fro,
And although the lover’s are lying,
There’s nowhere else to go.

Although the maidens are calling,
And the deal itself has been made-
The leaves are always falling,
Even though the debt has been paid.

The lover’s eyes are lying,
And the death of life is still;
A maiden now lays dying,
Because no one else ever will.

The shadows move like dewdrops,
Your river runs with tears;
My heart will always love you,
As long as we go in years.

Take heart to remember,
That depth in life is still;
For tomorrow will be gone forever,
But today never will.

Ice skating ducks,

Ice skating ducks,

Ravage the icy pond. 
Skaters skate around them,
Always whirling.
A shallow place begets the middle
Of the pond,
Where the sunlight falls upon the chilly

Shadows fade. 
Light glimmers on everything.
Then, the night is born,
And nothing feels worse than the cold
At night, especially the things
That are left bitter and alone,
And the skaters have left,
And all hope is lost.
Cold begets cold.

The ducks sleep.
Everyone listens.