Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Poem About Love.

A Poem About Love

I never found myself yearning for
You as I did last night,
You I pictured walking home from class,
Head bent to the wind,
A strand of dark hair falling over your
Then I saw you in my dreams later that night.
I thought we were swimming naked in a pool
Of midnight and moonbeams,
And swans danced above us like
Smooth, celestial objects that by chance
Couldn’t fly in any other dream.
I remembered your eyes, deep like pools,
Swimming with quiet thoughts of resolution.
I thought to myself, “That was the kind of man
I would like to take home with me,”
And then you saw me the next day and we talked
About books and JFK by my locker,
And you told me how you dreamt of being a rock
Star and I thought that was the cutest thing
Ever, and then I laughed, and you wondered
What was so funny,
But I couldn’t tell you I was falling for you,
That I didn’t want it to be hard on your wife.
You couldn’t understand how fallen I was for you,
You with your funny smile and your dark hair,
You with your graceful waltz and your sensuous
Mouth, and I knew how real the dream was,

Even now.

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