Thursday, February 15, 2018


What Infinity Is

The proclamation of infinity is, without
A doubt, a half-realization.  This stands above
The rest, that all has been and all shall be.
We have been moved when all are moved.
I do not want to brag, but I have been broken
Many times like a broken bottle, a clock
That runs backwards.  The time is not in
The time.  Do not be straightforward because
We are all fragile, like shards of glass on
A highway.  The highway is full of old cars.
On the side of the highway is a landfill.
I dream of a place where I can be free and not
Be afraid of being thrown into the wind like
A song.  We are beside on the times.  Sometimes,
We hear the things that should not be said
And say things that should not be spoken.
It is how humans are, the need of it, the greed of it
Is much better than what was given.
Some people will do anything to go on a vacation.
Others will do anything for love.  Still, there are those
Who do both and I do not wish to brag, but I do not
Like either, I simply like listening to jazz on my
Way to work, hoping for a better tomorrow,
Hoping for something much better than here.

It’s a stone’s throw away.

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