Friday, February 09, 2018


The Snow Egret

The snow egret has been flying
Forever.  The moon is over the water.
And it shimmers and shines.
The starlight overtakes the darkness.
Everything is not mine, it is in the
Water.  Darkness is more vast
Than the ocean itself.  The waves
Are large.  Everything is large,
As the ocean, including the waning
Some things do not happen soon.
Daylight overtakes night and houses are
Shaken on their foundations.
The night is great and wide.
People walk in the darkness; they are
Going towards their homes, or are
On a date.  Other people are already in
Their homes and wish to stay there.
The night is just like mine.
It moves and waves and bends, like
The ocean.  The ocean bends.
Everything bends in it.  Excitement

Overtakes me.  I know the ocean.

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