Friday, February 09, 2018



The peace is in the picture.
I have been wallowing in it.
I have immersed myself in the stink
Of it.  Sometimes I go for a long drive
And relax.  It does the body some good.

Everything dwindles to nothing. 
The esteem is in everyone else.  I have
Tried to find myself in wallowing;
The darkness knows me not.  Some people
Love for the sake of loving, others, because
They do not want to be alone. 

I have immersed myself in the knowing
Of everything; in the believing that the darkness
Will rise out of the darkness, and the
Shadows will not be ripe for the taking. 
Everything is grand and grander still,
For the want of knowing something.    

Sometimes I think that maybe I want something
Else, better than what I had before,
But then I realize the height of it is respect,
And the depth of it is respect, even when
It is snowing or raining or the weather is doing

Something you do not like.

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