Tuesday, February 27, 2018



Eating pizza is done by culinary experts
That ride on the shores of Grimm Lake;
Short pools of nothing fade to expectations,
And move to resounding resistance.

Thinking is futile.  The experience of differences
Is nothing short of amazing, and the head
Of the crowd is often the least likely person.
Don’t think about anything twice.  Think less
About things that matter.  The lake is just as

Bland as others are; we love the turn of the
Movement, the heart of it all.  Drown out
The sound of your mother’s calling; go walking
Out into the unknown.  I think about it
Sometimes, about what could have been if things

Hadn’t turned out badly; destruction may be imminent,
But don’t say I didn’t try.  I tried to fix things,
To make it work, but it didn’t end up that way
And now I feel sorry.  There is nothing more to say
About that and I can’t thank the person enough for
Bringing it to my attention.  The burden of proof is

Hard; something else is least forgotten.

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