Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Going To the Ball Game.

Going To the Ball Game

You told yourself you wouldn’t do it,
That you wouldn’t buy yourself another cup of
Coffee at the café, but it was way past sunrise
And the day was just starting off. 
You told your mother you were heading out
To the ball game, with a cap slumped low over
Your eyes, and the t-shirt of the Detroit Tigers
That you got for your birthday last year.
You are going by yourself in your new Chevy,
Something you bought after you were promoted
At your job, something that changed you because
It was your first.  Some people don’t know the
Difference, but you do, and this was your first
Ball park game besides, and everything after
That was going to be gravy, but you didn’t
Want to take your video camera because you
Were sitting too high up.  Sometimes blaming others
For your mistakes can be the problem.  You get into
Your Chevy and drive three miles to the ball park,
And stand in line with your ticket, letting the wind
Run through your hair like a waiting sliver. 
Shivering.  You are cold.  By the time you get to
The ticket booth it is about four-oh-clock in the
Afternoon, and the sun is still out because it is
Spring time, but it just snowed last week because this,

This is Michigan and the weather has strange patterns.

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