Monday, February 08, 2010

Where I Go

Where I Go

Zebras in Africa form triangles
And make movies and mountains
On different doors.

We are bright with
Colors, bright with the madness,
Bright with the darkness inside of me.
The words are a spark of brightness;
The wholeness inside of me bears
The fruit of redemption,
The fruit of colossal colors, we dream of beasts
Hidden inside of nothing.

We are the nothing.
We glare and the shadows move and fade
And time is not still. We are autumn leaves turning. We bear the fruit of
Goodness. Eve and Adam; barren of the world. We trip over polar
Bears, icebergs. We can go anywhere. Anywhere we go
Is fine.

Zebras in Africa form triangles
Over smooth lands.
The landscape is ever changing. The landscape is mine.
You are mine; forever, my love, you whisper sad songs
To the trees and the trees giggle and laugh and energy overflows
Me. The sadness inside of me is translucent;
The energy is whole. We take borrowed things.

We take movies
And place them on stone steps.

We force ourselves
To sit and stare and glare at the stars, burning fiercely in the heavens.
Our words are naked.
Our words are hollow.
You show me the world and the world is reborn;
Again and again,
You are reborn, love.

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