Monday, February 08, 2010

Hoping For.

Hoping For

He is the hint of love.
He is the hint of sacrifice.
The plainness of his eyes; the breathtaking beauty of them.
He is not here to make mistakes. His solid arms,
Protecting me, holding me against the stark brightness
Of the universe-the world is forever in flight.

I am hoping for a miracle.
I am praying for something transient like a motorbike.
I am hoping for darkness. The steeple jumps off
The platform. The learnness of it. The yearnness of it.
We are the tides of the clouds,
The shifts moving and folding-
The open of the doorway,
The light in the sky shoves forth in the night.

We are the. Nothing else moves.
You take my heart; fold it in two. I am emotional this,
Emotional that, nothing lasts forever.
He is silence. The silence of memory. The lost forever
Etched in time.

He is etched forever-
The sorrow of it. The sordid seats of the bus.
The blue, the green. Daffodils fold. I wrote for him.
On blackboards, on ancient works of stone.
He is the old one. The fabled one. The tired one.

His heart aches.
His heart moves. He moves.
The wind sighs, sad and lonely as thunderclouds.
He sighs.
The world sighs with it.
We sit on the world and look down at it and the gladness is wrapped;
His heart moves. The wind sighs, sad and lonely
As thunderclouds.

I say to him, “I don’t know much about those answering machines.”
He laughs and spews raspberry from poured lips.
His eyes like thunder. Thunder burns. He is bright as sunshine.
His mind whispers in the dark.

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