Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thoughts of the Human. Thoughts of the Bold.

I am human.
I am the thoughts of human.
I am the flesh. The warbled voice speaks.

Coocoo, coocoo,
Over and under,
Barren as folded lands.
Paper is rotten like flesh is rotten.

Over steel hands, his fingers wave and bend,
An array of colors.
In the distance, sky moves,
A voice-
In the stillness of us,
Nothing speaks,
Heartbroken, shadows spoken,
Of movement and time has stilled.

I speak to you.
You are the wind.
You are the wind that moves.
You listen. You see. You fold gently.

The trees. They bring me into it.
They bring me into the void.
The flesh is the void.
The sound is silence.

All wind moves in the silence.
The silence hears your voice.
It whispers, and speaks of shadows-
In the heart of silence,
The dusk of mildew.
We wave and bend. Time is translucent.

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