Monday, February 15, 2010

Making Us Go Nowhere, Finding Nothing.

Which shadow is strongest?
Which shadow mocks darker shades?
His eyes see inner worlds.

His eyes see cooks making things.
The sun clouds over; the sun clouds over
Bigger than anything. No time to get back
At people. No time to stop mourning the
Turning of the clock,
The turning of the time that has stilled.

In my deepest despair,
I linger here,
Forcing myself to gaze into the haze
Of a burning sunset.

Trying to stop myself from wandering down-
Down the streets, back to the basics,
Back to the turning of the clock,
The darkness has stilled, willed,
We speak in meadows and meadows
Are gone.

Which shadow is strongest?
Shadows are nothing compared to
The nothingness of time,
The fertility of what we are.

The banging of doors closing.
The banging of doors opening.
The silence. The loudness.
The moon overhanging a monsoon.
Too hard on me; too hard on you;
Mothers and daughters live near rivers.
The rivers run into the ocean.
Sometimes, the oceans go nowhere.

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