Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mrs. Alsworth.

Do not follow me, my seventh grade teacher said,
do not follow where the path may lead-follow your own path.
Do not follow bears, chipmunks, lima beans.
Every day a boy named Joshua brought her an apple.
She was pleased by it but others did not like it,
they called him pirate, scalawag, girl-boy.
Every day he brought her an apple,
and he only got C's in math, and went to church like everyone else.
His suit was old. Worn.

And when he grew up he got a job at a factory
and made money selling pamphlets at the local pharmacy and
barely had enough money to pay his bills.
He did not hate the government, he merely shunned it,
did not shun the president, the Senator, the FBI.
The days wore on and violence grew less and less until he changed
tactics and became a famous rock star but he never
grew tired of those pamphlets that he kept in his closet.

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