Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Beginner's Guide to Sign Language.

The woman signs to serpents singing
in the Baltic Sea one day, it was a Monday,
and Caesar was not well.
He did not like the feeling the war gave him,
his throat tightening, his mouth frothing,
his friends running around like wild boars on
and island and by the way did you see that episode

of the Simpsons where the children got trapped
on the island with Milhouse and a wild boar who
was eventually slaughtered? The president told me
he did after he knocked over his podium when one

of the journalists was trying to find out if trolls do,
yes, sir, exist behind podiums and not just in cupboards
and sometimes field mice live in actual fields-.

The island was not an island of forgetting.
The dawn came quick over the horizon, slicing
like a grinder and my heart stopped for a moment when
I witnessed the sun’s first rays of breath.

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