Friday, August 28, 2009

About My Writing.

I post stories on here sometimes, usually chapters. If you see an error in there, I almost always know what it is but I leave it in anyways, first because it is just a rough draft, second because I could get money for it one day, and third, no one helps me with my writing so I have to do something about stress myself; fourth, because I don't know who reads this thing anyway, and it's just for myself, not for others. Writing is not for everyone. You can be famous, like Stephen King, but there is a lot of problems that come with it. I usually wait to send something out because I am not old enough; and because I pay attention to the sales of other books. A publisher picks up something that sells, not necessarily something that is just good writing. Most writers have to write something that an average sixth grader can read-firstly, because a book is not something you buy every day; secondly, because the average population reads at a sixth grade level. Sad, but those are the statistics, although I have not checked them lately and could be wrong about that.

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