Sunday, August 02, 2009

Beginning of a new story, Shadowmaker.

The glow from the sun came drifting through the fog as the submarine made its way through the mist of the Bering Sea.  Lieutenant Theodore Walsh of the 54th Platoon stared out the periscope, his mind reeling with questions, wondering what he was supposed to do next.  He had just gotten a call on his cell phone from Commander Louis P. Harrington.  
Looks like the Russians were at war with the U.S. again and were keeping it secret.  That was a good move on the president’s part, but it didn’t make the transition any less painful than it actually was.  He was going to have to do something about it.  And soon.  But not until he got word from the president.  
"Lieutenant," a familiar voice said pleasantly.
He jumped, whirled around to face Commander Larry Samuel.  He was an oldish man, going on fifty-five, with a long white beard and beady brown eyes.  Theodore admired the man profoundly and was hoping to be just like him when he reached that age, with awards and medals galore and a submarine to boot.  "Hello," he said.  "What’s the word on the street?"
The commander shook his head.  "No word," he answered.  "Just breakfast in the kitchen.  You’ve been kind of jumpy lately."
Theodore nodded.  "Just received word from the president.  Feels like war is on the horizon."  Goosebumps rose on his arms and he shivered.  "What’s for breakfast?"
Larry chuckled.  "Eggs and bacon.  And sausage."
"Biscuits and gravy?"
"Yes.  Of course."
Theodore did a little dance on deck and followed him through the submarine until they came to a little room marked "Cafeteria."  Larry pushed open the door and they entered, side by side.  Six pairs of eyes followed him.  Commander Sarah O’Connor; First Lieutenant Sarah Walsh; soldier, Patrick Littlefoot; and others.  Theodore saluted them and pulled out a chair.  A steaming plate of food was waiting for him.  "What’s this?" he said, surprised and pleased.
"Food," Sarah Walsh answered.  "Clyde got a call from his wife and he wanted to take it."
"I thought his cell phone broke."
Patrick chuckled.  "He got it while we were on land in Barbados."
"And now we’re all the way at the Bering Sea," he said.
Patrick nodded.  "That is so.  Dig in."
Theodore looked at it, wondering if the man had spit in it.  He shrugged his shoulders and dug in.  The food was delicious, and he went to the breakfast buffet to get more.

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