Saturday, August 27, 2016

preview of my script, "Three Witches."


My story idea-three witches live in a fantasy world and visit the human world to kidnap a child and make him a servant for all eternity.


Main character-"Boy."

-Enter Olga.
Olga-Ho, hum, it's just another day, working in my garden.  (Shrieks.)  I found one!  Hey, everybody, I found one!  (She casts an evil eye around her, but there's no one nearby.  She shrugs, and looks around again.  A cockroach is crawling on a rose.  She leans over, picks it up by its legs, and tosses it in her bag.  She squints and looks up at the sky.)  Drat, it looks like rain!  I better head inside!
(The scene dims.)
(Second scene-lightens, and the camera focuses on a small cabin in the middle of a large forest of trees.  A well is nearby, and a large, black cauldron rests in the middle of the spacious front yard, which is full of weeds.  An old woman with scraggly gray hair and a pointy nose exits the cabin, and goes over to the cauldron.  She carries a wooden spoon in her left hand, which is green and covered with warts.  Her name is Gloria.)
Gloria-MMM, mmm, smells scrumptious today, doesn't it, Mildred?
(A fat, black cat comes out of the cabin, and waddles over to her, meowing.)
(Gloria chuckles.)-Hungry, baby?  (She bends down to scratch it under its chin.  As she straightens, her back creaks.  She winces a little, and her mouth forms a small "O," of unsatisfaction.)  So am I, but this lizard soup will taste wonderful with my chicken cesar salad.  It's all done!  (She turns towards the cabin and shrieks loudly.)  Lydia, Olga, it's r-ready! 

(Two witches come bursting out of the front door, carrying bowls and wooden spoons, but the wooden spoons are smaller in size than the wooden spoon that Gloria is using for the cauldron.  The witches look alike, except Lydia is taller and Olga has a huge wart on her very green nose.)
Gloria (singsong voice)-Ladies first!
Lydia (in disgust):  We're all ladies, here!
(A voice appears out of nowhere.)  I wouldn't say that!
(Lydia spins around angrily.) 
Lydia-Who said that?
Voice-Me, you boistering mongdingers!
(Lydia relaxes.)
Lydia-Oh, it's just you, Loran, I thought I was going crazy for an instant.
Loran-You are crazy, my love, you have to accept it.

Gloria-Come out, come out, wherever you are, invisible witches aren't accepted here.

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