Sunday, February 19, 2006

that was nice of them.

Dear Apryl,

Thank you for submitting your work to Pebble Lake Review. Unfortunately,
given the volume of submissions that we receive, even QUALITY work often
has to be rejected. Please be assured that your submission was read
thoroughly and given careful consideration by our staff. We wish you best
of luck placing your work elsewhere.


Editor, Pebble Lake Review


Appassionato said...

I hope the rejection won't dishearten or deter you from pursuing your dream to write more. Although I'm curious what genre of writings you sent to Pebble Lake Review? Was it another collection of poetries?

Apryl said...

I've received over one hundred rejection slips, and I send out five more submissions for every rejection slip I receive. An ezine called "Half Drunk Muse" recently emailed me and said that I made it past the first cut, which means I could possibly get published with them. :)