Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gift From the Dragon

she who was born in the year of the dragon did
not know of her gifts until 1988, when her husband
pulled into a rundown gas station she sat in the car
while he pumped the gas and suddenly said,
"wait, wait, i am picturing it now, picturing
it as it could be," and then came a poem she
found beauty in that rundown gas station, found beauty in
that nothingness a year came and
went and the beauty
was still there she wrote poetry about everything
and nothing, about the clouds and the
grass and the birds and the people, she found
beauty in the simplest of things "everything and nothing is beautiful,"
she says she always asks God,
"Did You make poetry? Am I the beholder?"
she did not receive an answer, but still
she writes-still
she finds beauty where beauty could
not be found,
in rundown things and rundown people,
she who was born in the year of the dragon.

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