Monday, September 24, 2018



I blame myself for all
the troubles in the world.
Sometimes I try to talk myself out of it.
But other times I believe it is my
or the fault of my peers.
My peers alone stand on the edge of oblivion,
looking down at the abyss of themselves,
looking down at the abyss of oneness.
The lake is like a still water,
calm in the morning,
tumulous in its wake.
I breathe in air like a mouth breather,
I can't find the way out of the abyss.
You say the train is coming.
I don't know anything about it.
I look up the info for it online,
but nothing stands out to me,
the ticket has been lost.
I blame myself for the babies being born
blind, deaf, or dumb.
I blame myself for the night,
that is so dark,
I can barely see my hands.

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