Monday, July 31, 2017



Sad people make me angry
            I don’t understand their terrible sadness.
Trapped in a drug-induced stupor;
Shadowed by their own selfish longings.
            I don’t understand the wicked ways
Of the world or their terrible longings.
                        I suppose a reflection would be necessary,
But not warranted.
            Take into heart the reasonings of all self-doubt.
I want to take a stand on the problems of the world,
            Like homelessness, or the feelings of being trapped in a loveless world.
I have become a sacrifice to the gods,
            The gods of men wearing thongs, the gods of greed-
Greed stands in the way of common sense.
I hope goodness is not trapped.
            I try not to stand in the way of anyone else’s burden,
But more often than not my confidence is destroyed, and I have to see the way
The world is the way it is.  Like, why war?  Why anything?

                        That is the entrapment.  That is the world in which we live.

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