Sunday, July 02, 2017

Nothing Further.

All alone, this path is mine, I became interested
in the monarch butterfly.  Fluttering in its wake,
it cries, and mourns the fallen star.  Everything we see-

what's left is right, what's right is left.  The light is
dimmer than the ear.  I fear, we fear, the heart is near-
and the shark swims, and swims together.

The star shines brightly.  Everything is bright.
The man in the room, the heart that is full of doom.
Tomorrow is blessed by the man.

I am tired.  I want to sleep, but the fireflies keep
me going.  Awake, and up, and awake, am I,
and I am despairing.  My last kin has died.

You think you know the temptation is dim,
and our eyes are vast as we can swim,
but nothing has gotten farther from the truth.

We are gone, and I am gone.  Gone.  Just gone.

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