Friday, May 20, 2016

On Eating Taco Salad.

I am overcome by your diversity.

Your literacy resides in me.  Everything I own is here-

Two stacks of chairs, a black address book, a coffee pot.

Take a drink, it hits the spot.

What are we supposed to do about the position we’re in?

It gets underneath the skin.

I swear I’m getting better at this, I’ve suffered through leprocy

And three car accidents.  Once, I saw a twister and became

A storm chaser, where I met my ex-husband.  We had three

Kids, Joan, Adam, and Wesley.  I named them all.  Did you think I

Was going to name any of them after my ex-husband?  Two of

Them are boys.  They did like their toys, I guess, but they loved

Me more.  My ex only saw the children on Saturday and Sunday,

When I went to the sauna and got my head packed in ice.

Something is wrong here.  We’re not getting along.  My grandmother

Has been dead for three long years.  I don’t understand the tears.

I never cry at funerals, but I cry after them, when I’m alone,

Holding on to myself when no one will, listening to the dogs barking

Outside my window, and thinking about when I was little, and my

Mother used to hold me on her knee.  Today we had tacos.  I wanted

A taco salad.  We headed out for the bar after dinner, and everyone was

There.  I didn’t want them to stare, so I stuck out my tongue and ate

Some bread.

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