Monday, May 16, 2016


I am barren in my calmness.
The cot is stuck in the corner at my house.
A car starts up outside, sounding like a
train.  The day has forsakened me.
Today is another day-just as yesterday,
and the day before.  Cold, broken,
and alone, I walk down the freeway of readiness,
and here I speak, here you listen, wandering
far and near in the void.  The void is blackness.
I am levitating-let the sun move in me.
Here I stand proud like a soldier about to go
into war.
Let me be barren in my readiness,
I know what comes and goes, what's fast and slow,
and hear the hollering of the wind outside my window.
Inside me, all is quiet.
The barrenness is ready.
I hear a noise outside.  The calm light is dawning.

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