Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Page.

I am careful because I am ready.
My inner thoughts are steady.
Here is where I stand; my inner thoughts
collide.  The rain is falling with the tide.
My dreams are forced realizations.
I don't know what I am able.
A turkey sits at my dinner table.
Hope floats in the garden.  My arm hurts
after it rains.  There is nothing on the plains.
Take myself from myself, there is nothing
else but pain.  I walk forward and backwards,
and my inner sides hurt and swell.  Gas bubbles
My life is the worst.
What did I capture?  Was it rain, or was it
snow?  I want to be with you now,
don't you know?  Here is where I am.
My life is on the brink of extinction.
I try to create less suffering, but it doesn't work
for me.
I hide my inner glee from you, don't you know it is true?
Words are captured on a blank page.

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