Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The ghost is in my hand.  I don't speak unless I am spoken to.
Tomorrow is another day.  It doesn't come, and the trees shake and shiver.
The river is wide.  Here comes the tide.  I am a prince in my own
way; tomorrow is here like today.  My face is serene,
and calm.  I am bitter and not warm.  Work comes before
nature; everything else is in between.  Don't tell me what
you mean.  I'm gentle as a cat.  I love cats.  They love me,
too.  I see you belong in a zoo.  My computer doesn't
work very well.  As far as I could tell.
Nothing is small in this world.  Everything begins with hope.
Television is too much for me.  I wish I was somewhere
else, like Florida or Maryland, where I can give back what
I give.  I am tired and sleepy.  Which word means the most?
Charles isn't back yet; he hasn't come home.
I am more tired than alone.  I wish he wouldn't come,
but I don't want to be alone.  In the end, everything is the
same.  I read books, but I'm not to blame. 
The song comes to me.  I hear it in your voice.  You dream up
choice.  The fire hydrant is down on one knee,
let it be, let it be.

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