Saturday, October 04, 2014


Tomorrow is just another day.  Day after day, I do the same thing:
Get up, get dressed, and watch tv.  I don’t change my clothes, only
My shirt, so my pants are dirty and my underwear is not clean,
Either.  Day after day.  The light shines in through the window every
Stinkin’ day.  Every time I play.  My heart beats in my chest.
There is a test.  Tomorrow is just another day.  I like to hear what you say.
The river runs like rain.  It makes a splashing sound as I jump into it,
And swim like a fish.  The fish are plentiful.  I’d like to go fishing,
Tomorrow is just another day for fishing.  Any other day is like tomorrow.
I have found my way out of this day, and every day, I pray-I am lucky.
It’s not about luck.  It’s about tomorrow.  Tomorrow comes on skates.
Tomorrow is worrisome.  What if I get into an accident tomorrow?  What if
My man breaks up with me?  I don’t know what else to think.  Tomorrow is just
Another day.

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