Saturday, October 04, 2014

I am alone.

Nathan:  I am…alone.
Aunt Mindy:  Oh, sill, you’re being all dramatic again.  This time, let’s add tears to the sniffling.
Nathan:  I wasn’t sniffling.  I was yelling.
Aunt Mindy:  No way are you going to get girl by yelling.
Nathan:  Then how do you get a girl?
Aunt Mindy:  By…groveling.  That’s how my Howard and I did it.  Apparently, Sally said I was the one to grovel first.
Nathan:  That’s something to be proud of…right?
Aunt Mindy.  You’re asking a lot of questions.  If you be polite, I’ll give you some mints.  
Nathan:  I don’t want some mints…I want to know how to get a girl.
Aunt Mindy:  And then what do you plan on doing with this girl?
Nathan:  I thought I was supposed to marry her.
Aunt Mindy:  That is one way.  Or you could take her to the dentist.

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