Saturday, May 17, 2014

Everything I Touch.

Everything I touch is equally great in all its greatness-
Everything I feel is deep inside of me.  I have a little me
Growing inside.  It’s like a baby flower in bloom.  All I feel
Shatters into a million pieces of rubbery goodness.
What I see is what I am.  I make things grow.  I take things out of
Shadows.  The inferiority complex.  The great divide.
I take myself and grow outside of myself.  I am a mirror,
That looks deep within me.  I am a piece of a mirror
That has been broken into two pieces.  That’s seven years bad luck.
Tell me oh wandering one, where do you go?  I don’t see anything in shadow,
I can’t find anything in the wide wide world we live in.  Here we are,
Like two sharks doing the mating call, spouting up water.
Where is the Italian garden, its flowers grow prettily.

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