Saturday, March 29, 2014

See & Hear.

I see and hear differently.  I make my mark.
Tomorrow will be a better day than today.
Tomorrow the sky will be blue, not rainy like it is
Today.  This is what I’m doing:  fishing, hoping
To catch a whale.  They are massive in size,
And twice as hungry-maybe the whale will
Eat me instead.  I can’t think about that right now.
I have to hurry and get packing, so I will be
Ready to get on that boat that is going to launch
Soon.  Hurry, hurry, it needs to get here fast.
I hope my good times last.  This is not what I’m
Thinking.  Better days, better ways-sit now on
Sunflowers, looking at the soft rain, dreaming
Of the whale.  The boat needs to be fixed.  I’ll call
Dale and have him come fix it-he’s a master of
Fixing the broken and the sad-it’s why I love him.
Different ways, soft, caramel days.  That’s why I’m here.
The muse is clear.  Nothing but tomorrow to ease me
Forward-this is night, now, and stars fill the sky with
Barren ease, and the ease comes when I’m ready-
Nothing will last.  I hope it will.

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