Friday, March 26, 2010

Lilacs Are Old.

My face has grown, tattered and old-
The skates are inline and washed in the kitchen sink.
My friend, Jasmine,
Sprays herself with perfume and gets ready for a date-

The lilacs curl on the ground.

The ground is white with snow.
The snow has melted in.
The snow is in everything.
My face is old.
My lines are wrinkled.

My grandmother has been withered like
A flower,
She has Alzheimer’s
And cannot get out of bed.

Her charm is simple.
She is simple in her charm.
Her face contorts into a smile.
Her smile is stilled.
She wills herself to sit up and take a drink.

The lake outside is glowing.
The garden is shattered with ice.

The ice moves mountains.
Mountains are exhausted full of sun,
The bark from the wood is torn down.

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