Thursday, March 04, 2010

Falls In Snow.

The trust falls in the snow.
The trust is not in anything.
The trust is in him-he sees, but does not
See. Do not try to climb your way out of
Trust. Do not block yourself from the stairs.

The stars are bright tonight.
Above us, the stars shine, sparkle,
Night becomes nothing. Night is not

Fierce realization. Fierce persistence.
Nothing to do. Nothing that can be done.
Homeward bound, I am caught in
The rhythm of the different shades-
The shades of sunglasses.
The words are spread on tarp paper.
I am glass wrapped in glass.
I am shaken and stirred.

Something happened that was outside of
Broken and marred, the mirrors are
Thrown over us.
Shake the pillow, the feathers fall
To the ground.

You talk about ghosts.
You talk about ghosts and smoky mirrors,
Glasses dropped from the sky.
The trust is broken in two.
The windows fall out of buildings,
And onto the sand-
We aren’t home yet.

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