Monday, January 18, 2010

Stillness of Leaves.

The stillness of leaves beats, beats-
Horses hooves beat on melodramatic tones.
Echoes of memories shriller than the voice-
Dank in the cold night air,
I had no choice.

My eyes swallowed your inner tears,
My heart beats steady, ready, petty-
You told me you couldn’t follow my
Stones, moans, the wind moans and groans.
And the eyes shake like bones.

I couldn’t hear you. Couldn’t hear the sound
Of your voice.
It echoes in midnight’s choice.
We buy a Rolls Royce;
My love, your judgment cannot suffice.

I see you. You are nice. Your eyes beat
And your chest opens spills out pirate’s gold.
Bold. You’re fresh and bold and don’t know
What to do, who to speak to, how to feel.
Nothing. Glimmer. Rain. Trains.

Tear up the tracks. Sit down. Take down your notes.
You glow and your inner light shines through.

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