Friday, January 22, 2010

My Mother's Onions.

His mother was sad in a way
He couldn’t quite figure out

Sad in the way a door blew open
When it was windy
And the garden was full of onions.

His mother said she wanted a letter.
She wanted to get a letter and send it back to

Someone-I asked her who it was,
Maybe a celebrity, maybe someone else.
I asked a bunch of people to write to her.

They said no.
I asked a dog to write to her and she barked at me.

I didn’t like it when dogs barked at me and I didn’t
Know the reason why.

I don’t understand the onions in the garden or why
Gardens exist.
I don’t understand anything.
My father reads car magazines.

He told me to go out and not come back.
He told me to get a job and get some respect.
I asked him why he didn’t give me respect.
He left the house for a week.

My mother is fond of onions.
She keeps them in her dresser drawer.
She tries to find a way to use them on everything,
She also likes to pour ketchup on top of them.

We are fighting every day. I said she doesn’t respect me.
She says talk to my father. I told her I didn’t know where
My father was; she said she wasn’t happy about
The weather. I don’t know what weather had to do
With anything.

I guess she wants me to avoid the issue.
I don’t know if I can deal with that.


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