Thursday, July 09, 2009

YA novel.

I think that one YA novel idea I have would work...I just have to plot it. I wrote the first chapter, thinking about the's called "7th Order" but it sounds like a crappy Dan Brown novel, I can't think of anything else to call it besides "Untitled" at the moment. I pulled "Wizard's Alchemy" out of Baen Books again, ha! I started working on it and have 130,000 words and think I want to write more. Since it is about a world called Merlin, I am going to add 40,000 words about Merlin's life. He is kind of like a vampire-mage, came from Atlantis, realized he had the gift of teleporting, and uhhhhh....then it forwards a few hundred years to the present, where Merlin is no longer...present, only his relics remain behind. Five relics to be exact, they are called the Power of the Five, some of them include: a black book, a ring, a talisman, a sword, and a gold key.

My goal would be Roc, and I bet you they would accept it, or Tor, however, it is a lot of ink and paper and that would equal to over $75, including shipping and handling-not to mention it could be rejected even if they like it.

Perhaps I should have gotten credit for the other stuff I wrote...stupid ghostwriting. Stupid morals. Stupid art. *sad face.*

My first secret is...I wrote my own piano scores when I was five. THEN I wrote some songs. THEN I wrote a short story and asked someone to finish it for me (which they did). And so on and so forth.

Luckily no one reads this darn thing and no one will care. :/

It's not like anyone can do anything except me anyway. If I have a high IQ, what kind of school am I going to go to that I won't be bored at? If I have a high IQ, what kind of test am I actually going to pass? Not to mention my family, esp. on my mother's side, have a few people with high IQs and they get recognition because they don't have a heart condition. Who cares if I wrote the stuff myself instead of knowing who Mozart was or what time period Beethoven lived in (although I probably knew anyway and no one paid any attention, I don't remember EVERYTHING I did.)

Isn't that what Mozart did, write new stuff? And then they say his IQ is 140+? Hello!

Also a lot of the people in college are immature and offense to them.

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