Thursday, July 16, 2009

On rejections.

Rejections from "Flash Fiction Online" and "Uglycousin." They say it varies by taste, but you know it has to do with popularity. My name is not popular; and if you don't learn things exactly how they want you to do things at college, you're pretty much screwed if you're a genius or prodigy or if you simply like to learn (which pretty much constitutes for a genius nowadays).

If you want to know why certain things sell and others do not, it is because most products are so simple that an IDIOT could understand it. They don't care about knowledge or talent-American Idol is a prime example. Even names like Michael Jackson or Matt Damon or "baseball" are simple words that the average American can understand. It is quite fascinating, really, I have always wanted to do a study on linguistics and the game theory. It's all about the money. If I had gotten money for the ideas I gave away, I would be able to get published or get a job or go to school anywhere I want. I do have some dignity, thanks, people who are actually intelligent DO have a sense of responsibility to maintain.

Say you made up a word and used it in one sentence a month for a year. Less than 7% of the people you encounter would be able to pick up on the fact that it's NOT a real word. And how many people have actually read a Stephen King novel? Not many. Some buy it to impress their friends. Poetry is a lot worse off, no one understands it, and therefore, no one accepts it. I mean, JEWEL published a book of poems for the love of God! I should just throw in my towel right now.

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