Monday, April 26, 2010



The earthly nest swallows me whole-
It gulps me down, I’m bottom’s up,
I buy new pants at the store and refuse to wash them
For days.

You said you never had the chance to say goodbye
To the man you loved,
All those years ago, in late October,
And the sun was going down and the hearts were
Moist, and tears were moist, too-

Sometimes, the words get muddled and forgotten;
Sometimes, forbidden hearts are stilled,
And we drink down water in a cup,
And the cup is half-filled with water.

We pray that the time is right. When is the time ever right?
When is the hands of the clock forgotten,
And hands are not forgotten?

The bread is rising in the oven.
No one told me this would take awhile.

The birds chirp in the trees.
The wind has stilled; the cold shivers;
An airplane drones.
It is like being in a field of flowers.
It is like the silence is everywhere.
You are quiet in your waking.
You are quiet in your grief.

Never mind, you say. Never mind.
You shake your head. The sky does not bleed.

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