Friday, November 20, 2009

I finished reading.

"Eyes of Elisha" by Brandilyn Collins. I enjoyed the novel. I haven't read mysteries in awhile, I have been focusing more on science fiction, but this book was written in a simplistic manner. Here's what I thought: I was sometimes annoyed by Chelsea because she seemed to have a big mouth and didn't think things through.

I believe everything is made up of matter, and, to explain the vision Chelsea had and why she was right about the murder, in one scenario, Chelsea randomly picked out a logical event and placed it in the proper order. Usually, when people claim to be psychic and are accurate, simple science can explain their accuracy-scientists have said the human brain is like a computer, and can compute information pretty fast. We have so many people in the world, it's hard not to be accurate about something we're not supposed to know. I like the paranormal, though, and I read fiction all the time.

Some parts of the story don't tie in together very well, and it seems as if Chelsea's visions are mere coincedence, or that she could have committed the crimes herself and blamed someone else for them. Bad things happen every day. It's not illogical for someone to guess right about some of them.

The theme of the story worked for the series. I would buy more books if I had the money.

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