Friday, October 30, 2009


Sebastian Monteserrio’s feet pounded through the forest, glancing behind him as he did so. The werewolves were coming fast. He had tried to steal one of the relics back from them and they were angry about it. They were also hungry. What did I get myself into? he asked himself. His demon lover, Alira Thornbane-Monteserrio, told him about a spell a long time ago, a spell that broke through the barriers between magic and man. He was not gifted in magic like his brother. He was only a loner, a Dark Knight, an agent. All he could do was deliver messages. What do I do now? He thought, grimacing. His hands flew to the hilt of his sword but Damsel had taken the Sword of Thorn again. She was the youngest Monteserrio and had it worse because she possessed greater magic, with or without a relic. The Power of the Six made him sick to his stomach. He wished the relics would disappear along with the story of Merlin and it made him feel bad to think about his beloved creator but he did and that was all he could do. The pain pounded at his mind, the constant pain of wondering who he was and what he was and why they believed so strongly that the world was created by a man with a staff. It was simply ridiculous. It was insane. It was…nothing. Sebastian breathed a sigh of relief. The werewolves stopped crying. The wind whistled through the trees and it was dark and still around him. He couldn’t see ten feet in front of him. He couldn’t see ten feet behind him. All he could see was darkness. I am a Dark Knight, he thought, grimacing. I am supposed to put myself above that. Above everything. He realized how crazy that sounded. A Dark Knight? Ha! He had left Crandek back at the monument and had not seen him since. He had seen a few Dark Knights here and there and figured they had decided he wasn’t worth it, that he was just another stupid human. Many Dark Wizards worked with the Dark Knights. At least, he thought so.

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