Friday, January 27, 2006

Life and Death (an interlude)

You played this game of
do or lose, and lost the game of living to a
pale man called Death-but the rooms

found out and the white face of the
clock found out and stopped time just for you.

A year moved forward (went back) and you are still
a young man trying to find out the meaning of Life,
which is as dim as classical music is to your deaf ears.
Sometimes Death is as close as vivid is to
the red eye, and you just want to cry,

but Death leaves you laying there,
bleeding on the doorstep (strawberry red jam
shoots out of your ears).
Then you live once more-you are
resurrected, let’s say-but the living is
only half-living, and the Death is only half-death.

This game of Life and Death-of "do" or lose-
is a party to get your young
mind to sleep in bed with Eternity:

Eternity as dark as birth,
as dark as a majestic mountain peak against a purple
night sky,
as dark as her own black Father cursing in his
shallow grave.


I wrote the poem like last year but I still think it's cool!


Appassionato said...

I found your poems quite refreshing, highly readable and really gave me a lot of pleasure. There's some echos of Whitman, Longfellow and Poe. I'm no really big fan of poems that talks about death but hey, this one was an exception.It's not as creepy as other that will only make you depressed. Death and life coexist, right? I wish I could buy your book but I'm on the other side of the globe.

Apryl said...

Hey, that's okay, I'm just glad u like my poetry!! :)

I'm trying to get some other things published this year-a novel, another book of poems-and if I do, it'll be with a traditional publisher so the books will be distributed more widely.

Thanks again!!